for investors

Working Theory Angels is a new model to expand both the number of Angel Investors and the quantum of Angel capital.

We help build the competence and confidence to make quality decisions that lead to best-in-class outcomes for investors, founders, and the ecosystem at large. Working Theory also addresses a weakness in current angel networks that leave investors exposed to the risk inherent in small portfolios.  We do this in two stages:

Stage 1: designed to optimise education, access, and risk-mitigation.  Participants complete stage 1 with min 10 investments.  In addition, Members will:

  • Get hands-on education and content to learn investment fundamentals from leaders in the field

  • Observe and participate in Due Diligence and Investment Committee mechanisms

  • Learn how to identify and evaluate opportunities and structure deals that are pro-founder and pro-investor

  • Find your mentoring superpowers that founders will most benefit most from, and

  • Amass a sizeable portfolio size without decision making stress and anxiety

This ensures that members “graduate” from Stage 1 not only with the confidence and competence to invest, but also a minimum portfolio size to mitigate the risk that’s inherent in early-stage investment; only deal quantity is statistically proven to increase chances of positive ROI at this investment stage. 

Stage 2:  Members comes with the validation and ‘seal of approval’ that signals to founders that they have met a minimum requirement of education, mastery, and pro-ecosystem behaviour.  Stage 2 Members may now source and lead investments for the WTA Network.  They can actively participate on the Investment Committee and are featured mentors to the community.  These 'grads' may still choose to invest passively as in Stage 1 if it is their preference, or decide to invest on a per deal basis. 



for startups

Working Theory Angels is always looking for amazing teams to back in the early stages of their startup journey.  While industry agnostic, we fall in love with teams solving big problems in large markets that are undergoing macro shifts. This means that we look for novel technology or business models that are critical and viable now, often due a significant shift customer preferences or regulatory changes. We are drawn to solutions that bring people together, improve our experiences in every day life, or address physical and environmental health.


While every opportunity is different, we tend to be first money in, and to the tune of $100k-250k.  We're built to make quick, high quality decisions and get you back to focusing on what matters most: bringing your product to life to delight your customers. 

Working Theory has deep relationships and support from major Australian VC firms, helping them get first peeks into our favourite early stage companies, helping them realise the magic we see in the teams we back and inviting them in for the ride!